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Legal online marriage from anywhere

We tell you how to get married officially through US laws. Also, we can help you with the documents and the whole procedure.

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Now, you can get married officially on Zoom

Now, you can get married officially on Zoom through US laws. Online marriage has many benefits. You don’t have to be a US citizen, you and your partner can be anywhere, you can be of the same sex. After the ceremony is completed, couples receive a hard copy of their US marriage certificate which can then be used as a legal document to prove their married status.

For online application you need:

  • actual international passports
  • two witnesses to be on the Zoom call with you and their passports
  • a selfie photo for both individuals
  • pay the Utah fee

Any couple whose marriage is not forbidden by US law may apply for and be issued a valid marriage license. The partners must be of age (18+).

Zoom is a free reliable video platform powers all of your communication needs (like Whatsup videocall), including meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events. You can download Zoom on the link below:

You can follow the link below to find out the cost for self-service application (Utah fees included) or our assistance:

How it works

Your checklist:

  • preparing and sending the documents, paying the fee
  • online wedding ceremony on Zoom
  • ordering the hard copy of your marriage certificate (deliver via Postal Service First Class Mail, with no tracking or faster with FedEx)

The documents will be send you after the ceremony. In addition, you can order the apostille stamp for your certificate. Most countries recognize marriages solemnized outside of their country. If, for any reason, you have to do this from outside the US, you might need an Apostille in order to get registered as married in the country you live in.

An Apostille is a special certificate that attached to your marriage license so that it is legal and acceptable in any of the countries that agreed to be part of The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961.

Online marriage fits

It is exactly for you if you:

  • desire to get married without a documental routine
  • want to have a ceremony at home or another comfortable place with your relatives
  • locate in different countries

Also, if you are going to use your marriage certificate in:

  • USA
  • EU (Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.)
  • countries that agreed to be part of The Hague Apostille Convention (accepting documents of each other)

Online marriage doesn't fit

Online marriage doesn't fit you if you are going to use your marriage certificate in:

  • countries that are not included in The Hague Apostille Convention (for example, mainland China, Algeria)
  • countries that do not recognize a marriage contracted without physical presence (for example, Canada and Israel)

If you are going to use the marriage certificate in those countries we recommend contacting with the consulate organization.

Marriage application steps


Fill in an inquiry form on the Utah website and upload your passport


Pay the Utah fee


Choose your preferred date of wedding ceremony on this link


Pay the fee for the online ceremony


Receive your wedding Zoom link that you can share with 90 guests


On your wedding day, click the Zoom-link and enjoy your ceremony which takes around 30 minutes


Order your marriage certificate to be signed by an apostille here, pay the fee for delivery.

OR we can offer to you our assistance

About prices

Recommended set — from $285

  • Fee for the application: $145
  • Fee for the ceremony: $35
  • Digital marriage certificate - free
  • Marriage certificate signed by an apostille + Exrpess delivery by FedEx: from $105
  • Total: $285

    You can calculate the cost of UTAH service for self-application or our assistence here:

    More about the cost of the hard copy of marriage certificate

    The price of one hard copy:

  • Marriage certificate signed by an apostille: from $30 to $105 (it depends on producing speed)
  • Ordinary hard copy of marriage certificate: $10 (we do not recoomend this issue because most of coutries require an appostile)

  • Price: for each copy is taken the fee of $15

    Delivery prices:

  • Internetional shipping: from $1.5 to $60 (depends on how fast)
  • Shipping inside the USA: from free to $20 (depends on how fast)
  • About time

    It is the most fasetst way to get married. If you have all of your documents you can get married on the next day.

    Application and choosing the date of your ceremony

    For Utah's application, you need about 30 minutes. After that tou can enrol for empty slot for the ceremony.


    Ceremony spends via Zoom, it takes 30 min.

    Ordering hard copy of your marriage certificate.

    It is the longest stage of your marriage. Document registration in the clerk's office doesn't take too long (about 3-5 days). Если не переплачивать за экстренную доставку, то срок по факту определяется скоростью работы почты. Может занимать от нескольких недель до месяца, в зависимости от вашего положения на карте.

    О документах

    Если вы никогда не были до этого в браке, то вам понадобятся только два ваших действующих загранпаспорта и два ваших селфи-фото. Собственно, это всё. Никакие справки из ЗАГСа, свидетельства о рождении, апостили, нотариальные заявления о брачной правомочности и т.д. просто не нужны.

  • два загранпаспорта партнеров
  • два селфи-фото

  • Вместо кипы документов вам понадобятся два свидетеля. Они должны быть 18+, и знать вас достаточно хорошо, чтобы подтвердить на церемонии, что вы искренне и добровольно хотите пожениться. Кроме того, понадобятся также их загранпаспорта.

  • по 1 свидетелю с каждой стороны и их паспортные данные
  • Помощь и сопровождение

    Всю последовательность действий вы можете выполнить сами, согласно инструкции на сайте. Мы понимаем, что не у всех есть на это время, поэтому мы можем предложить вам нашу услугу сопровождения и сделать всю последовательность за вас. Мы подадим все ваши документы и согласуем с вами дату онлайн-церемонии.

    Если у вас остались вопросы, смело пишите нам на электронную почту [email protected], в telegram или в instagram.
    Спасибо! И поздравляем вас с приближающимся знаменательным днём в Вашей жизни!

    Вы можете рассчитать стоимость услуг для самостоятельной подачи или с сопровождением команды ZoomWedding в нашем калькуляторе:

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